Monday, March 13, 2017

Forgotten, Remembered, and Ready

March 13th, 2017

I remember when I first made this blog. It was around 2 am on my older sister's birthday, January 5th, and my dad had accidentally left the wifi plugged in. So of course I was up late that night to get my share of nice, quiet internet time. I can't remember how late I was up or how much sleep I got, but I know that I was happy and giddy the whole time. Why? I made a blog, of course! I love the idea of journaling my life and keeping a record of all the little things that happen. I've always loved journaling and blogging (I kept a couple dozen diaries full of gobbledygook throughout the years when I was little). It's always been a part of my life in some form or fashion, so of course I was happy when I finally made myself a real blog for me to not give up on.

I talked about in my first post how I had made many accounts on several different social media to fulfill my desire to blog, but it never really worked. I still can't tell whether it was because they were very unofficial blogs or I just didn't have the motivation to continue them. Anyway, I was dead set on keeping this one alive. I was determined to make it work for once and keep writing for as long as I could. I had goal of at least posting once everyday, but as you can tell, it didn't really turn out that way if the two months between this post and my last one is anything to go by.

Yes, I admit it. I just about gave up on blogging. Come at me, imaginary readers! Sue me, lovers of my blog whom I pretend exist! Tie me to a post and set me on fire, for I had forgotten about Unlucky Little Lady (for the most part).

So yeah, I was determined to keep it going, but as time drew on, it dwindled.

Wow, now that I read back on this, it looks like one of those dramatic posts you see on social media all the time. You know, the ones where people are crying about how they can't do it anymore and they're leaving that site forever. They just lost the motivation and there's so much going on in their life. [Insert long list of people they're thankful for here].

I'm not that kind of person. If I were to stop, well, I wouldn't be writing this. I'd just cease activity until I have a mental breakdown and start ranting about my problems then never post again. Is that shallow?

I am going to continue writing here. Hopefully I'll write on better topics than I did two months ago. I'm not going to read back on all my past blog posts in fear of deleting them because of how stupid I sound.

I do have a couple of topics I want to write on, but I'm going to save that for their own post. Like, I finally talked to my dad about how his words were affecting me and how my family life is right now, also some cool opportunities I've had in the last two months. I'm not going to go into detail now. This post is mainly to tell all of my imaginary readers that I'm still alive and ready to start blogging again.

I forgot how relaxing it is to blog. Dang, I could've really saved myself from all the stress I was going through a few weeks ago.

Thanks for reading any weird person who actually took the time to. It means a lot and I'd love to hear of some topics you'd like me write about or things in my life that you're curious about (I'm probably going to write down a bunch of random questions for myself and say they were asked by one of my imaginary readers).

- Autumn

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